GP Bondho SIM offer 2024 | All New offers

GP Bondho SIM offer 2024

Grameenphone New Bondho SIM offer update package is 11 Taka 1 GB offer. GP added another new internet Offer at a cheaper price for their valuable customers.

For instance, they did not add any minutes and the call rate offer in Bondho sim offers 2024. At this time GP has given a 1 GB internet pack with only 11 Taka for Bondho SIM which is valid for 07 days. This offer is available to all customers using GP Bondho SIM. 

Grameenphone Bondho SIM offer

Friends GP bondho SIM Offer is now offering some great internet and bundle offers to customers.

The below-mentioned GP packs are also available in MyGP app. Dial *121*5555# to check if this closed SIM offer applies to you. 

GP Bondho SIM Offer Check Code is *121*5555#.

The offers (Tk 30, Tk 47, Tk 158) provided in the recently released GP Bandh SIM Offer 2023 list can be used up to 3 times. 

GP has brought a new update about Bondho sim internet offer 2023.

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GP Bondho sim offers 1 GB + 30 minutes 

Friends, customers who are under the off sim offer are getting 1 GB internet and 30 minutes on recharge from Tk 30 Powerload, validity is 7 days.

GP 47 Taka Recharge Offer

Do you know about 47 taka recharge 5 GB internet offer on GP SIM?

GP bondho sim Internet offer 2023 is now offering 5 GB internet for just 47 taka, for 30 days.

Customers can purchase a 5 GB internet pack for a recharge of Tk 47 from Power Load. You can also buy GP 5 GB Internet package by dialing *121*5530#.

GP 158 Taka Recharge Offer

Friends, GP Off SIM offer 2023 list has a new bundle offer for customers at 158 ​​taka recharge.

You can get this offer by recharging 158 taka from GP PowerLoad or by using dial code *121*5525#.

GP Bandh SIM offer 158 taka recharge offer available – 

  • 10 GB Internet
  • 250 minutes,
  • Duration 30 days.

GP Bondho sim offer | Gp 11 Tk 1GB code

You will be able to purchase this pack if your GP SIM is covered by a closed connection. All information required for this offer is discussed below. You can purchase this offer 3 times in Gp bondho sim offer list.

Note: This GP 1GB internet offer is only for Grameenphone closed SIM customers, those Grameenphone customers who are not active on the Grameenphone network from 25th August 2020 to 23rd October 2021.

GP 1GB Details

Total Price



1GB (3 Times)

11 Take


07 days

GP Bondho SIM Offer 2024


Total Price



5GB (Internet)


Recharge 43 Tk

07 days

3GB+100 Min + 48 P/S


Recharge 101 Tk

30 days

48 Minute


Recharge 28 Tk

30 days

⇒ 3 GB + 100 minutes + 0.48 paise/minute for 101 taka for 30 days. ⇒ Also getting 5 GB 7 days validity for 43 taka. ⇒ 48 minutes 30 days validity at 28 taka.

SO, let's see how we can get the Grameen-phone bondho sim offer 2024 .

GP bondho sim offer check

Dial * 121 * 5300 # to know whether the GP bondho sim offer is applicable for your SIM or if you are sure that you have not connected to the Grameenphone network since 03 November 2019, then you need to easily check gp bondho sim offer no

SO, grameen phone bondho sim offer 2023 is for you. Grab the best closed SIM offers 2023 of Bangladesh's NO.1 network Grameenphone without delay.

In other words, through power load from the gp recharge point, you can see your gp off sim offer.

Activation procedure for all GP Bondho SIM offers

Gp bondho sim offer check code is: * 121 * 5300 #

5 GB 43 TAKA offer

After a long time, GP has released a closed SIM offer! This is the cheapest internet offer among all GP internet offers.

To get Gp inactive sim offer GP customers get the best internet offer and minutes offer as soon as the sim is reactivated.

Now, you can get 5 GB of internet for just Rs 43. Recharge Rs 43 to avail of this offer. Duration 7 days. (GP 109 taka recharge offer)

GP Bandh SIM Offer 2023 Conditions include:

  • If your SIM has not been activated in the Grameenphone network since 23 December 2019, then the offer is for you.
  • To get the offer, the customer has to recharge the fixed amount mentioned above.
  • The offer period is 7 days.
  • Grameenphone customers can avail of the offer until further notice.
  • The offer applies to all prepaid customers.
  • Auto-renewal is not applicable
  • After expiry (Volume or Validity) maximum PayGo rate will be applied for each internet pack.
  • Offer not applicable for Skitto customers
  • Customers can avail of the offer only once during the campaign.

GP Lowest Call Rate :

GP bondho sim offer call rate

Similarly, if you switch back to the GP Bondho SIM offer you can enjoy GP lowest call rate with a 5 GB offer.

GP bondho sim offers a call rate already this offer is enabled on closed sim and applicable for all friend's sim. You can enjoy GP bondho sim offers internet along with call rate.

For instance, if you want to get the lowest call rate on GP SIM, you need to recharge Rs. 101.

GP bondho SIM offer 101 Taka recharge is currently offering to customers-

  • 3G Internet, validity 7 days
  • 100 minutes
  • You can also talk at a minimum call rate of 48 paisa per second.
  • Minutes are valid for 30 days.

So, you can recharge for the lowest call rate and choose an offer from here. You can use it on any operator.

3GB + 100 Minute and 48 Paisa second only 101 Taka:

  • If your SIM is not active in the Grameenphone network after 23 December 2019.
  • However, this offer will apply only to them.
  • You need to recharge 101 taka to avail of the offer.
  • The offer is applicable for prepaid customers only.
  • 'Any local number' you can use minutes, without any short code call.
  • This special call rate will be applicable on the Regular Package Tariff, Super FNF, FNF, and Community Tariff during the offer period.
  • This special call rate is not applicable on purchased minutes, bonus minutes, bonus amount, and emergency balance.
  • Initially purchased minutes, bonus minutes, bonus amount and emergency balance will be used.
  • Then the special call rate will be launched. You can buy the offer at different times during the campaign.
  • Maximum validity will be applicable in case of multiple recharges.
  • On expiry of the special call rate, the customer will revert to the previous offer/package
  • Dial *121*1*2# to know the offer validity.
  • To close the offer dial *121*1003*13 #
  • Offer not applicable for Skitto customers
  • The offer is valid for a limited period
  • 10% SD + 15% VAT with SD charges + 1% surcharge on beige tariff

Visit for details about GP Bandh SIM Offers.

GP 48 Minute 28 Taka offer:

Recharge Rs 28 to get this offer from Gp bondho sim offer. You can use the minutes of this offer for 30 days and at any time of the day.

  • 48 minutes GP – GP and any local operator can be used.
  • If a customer has minutes remaining on the expiration date, they will be redeemed.
  • However, if the customer repurchases the offer before the expiry, the remaining minutes will be added and more time will be given.
  • To check the minutes' balance, dial * 121 * 1 * 2 #.
  • A 10-second pulse applies to voice calls.


The country's best network Grameenphone has given you some more exciting call rate offers in 2023. Grameenphone has also given some of the best call rate offers besides the above offers.

48 Taka 0.48 Paisa/Min Duration 48 Hours (2 Days) 

You can use this offer on any Grameenphone SIM. Recharge Rs.48 to buy the offer.

NOTE: There is another offer of GP for 48 taka. 48 Tk 2 GB internet period 2 days. If you want to take the offer of Rs. 48.48paisa / minute, you can buy from GP RECHARGE POINT by viewing your offer from POWER LOAD.

GP 1 paise/second call rate offer 

In addition to the 49 taka 1 paisa / second offer for Grameenphone SIM, there is also the 39 taka 1 paisa / second offer. You have to recharge 39 taka immediately to buy this offer. Duration 5 days.

After that, Gp bondho sim offers 2023 till today, in the next post I will come to you with more new offers for Grameenphone.

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In conclusion,

In this post, I have discussed GP Bondho SIM Offer. If you like this post then don't forget to share it. We will try to inform you if GP off sim offer is changed by Grameenphone.

If you have any comments please let us know.

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