Digital Bangladesh Composition | All class 6 7 8 SSC & HSC 2023

Digital Bangladesh

Digital Bangladesh Composition

Introduction: Bangladesh is a small green land in South Asia on the world map. Born on 26 March 1971. This Bangladesh is the product of sacrifice of 30 lakh martyrs in long nine months of armed struggle. In fact, the people of this country have been struggling hard to get their rights in various fields for thousands of years. The world is gradually becoming a digital world. Similarly, digital Bangladesh will develop only if the use of technology is gradually connected with all the activities of Bangladesh.

What is Digital Bangladesh: Bangladesh has been announced to be Digital Bangladesh by 2021. Digital Bangladesh means bringing the activities of the entire country of Bangladesh under the modern computer network internet system. That is, government, governance, business, education and medicine, agriculture, etc. will be managed through computers and the Internet. That is, if the entire internal activities of Bangladesh and the outside world can be brought under the computer network, the success achieved in all areas of Bangladesh can be called Digital Bangladesh.

Digital Bangladesh and Necessary Technology: Generally speaking, a digital society will ensure a knowledge-based society, where adequate online technology will be applied in government, semi-government and private sector activities. Digital Bangladesh will ensure the establishment of a healthy society using fast and efficient information technology. In this regard, some important issues associated with Digital Bangladesh should be given special attention, they are: to deal with power shortage, network development, expansion of Internet use, English education rate, submarine cable connection under the sea.

Use of digital technology: Currently there is no field where digital methods are not used. There is no end to talk about this. So only the important areas where digital method is used are pointed out

  • Digital method in office-courts - Digital method

  • In education - Digital method

  • In medical field - Digital method

  • Agriculture - Digital method

  • In communication - Digital method

  • In banking - Digital method

  • In setting up online information center Digital method

  • In publishing and newspaper Digital method

  • In entertainment

Digital Bangladesh Achievements and Realities: Better to talk about globalization, the rapid spread of information technology globally has already established connections with the outside world in Bangladesh. Today, the biggest success of Bangladesh in the field of information technology is the use of mobile phones. It has revolutionized the communication medium of Bangladesh.


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