An honest school boy completing story

An Honest School-boy
An Honest School boy



An Honest School-boy

One day a little schoole boy found a note of 100 taka in the school  premises.At once he took it to his class teacher. He said, "Dear Sir, I've got a note of 100 taka. What can I do with it?" Mr Zaman said, Keep it with you until the onwer is found." The boy said, "Sir, I'm afraid, I may lose it.Would you please keep it with you?" Mr Zaman  agreed and other boys also agreed to it.

According to the teacher's suggestion, the boy put up a notice inscribring, "Some taka has been found in the school-yard. The owner may take it from the class teacher, Mr Zarnan." They waites for seven days, but nobody came to do with the money. The little boy asked to wait for two days more. But the result was same. 

Then some of the boys proposed to give the money to the mosque. Some of them told to give it to a poor man. But the little boy proposed to give it to the old blind man in front of their school. All the boys agreed and gave it to the old blind man.

Everyone praised the honesty and kindness of the little boy

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