Juki sewing machine price in Bangladesh 2024 | Juki Sewing Machine Price List

Juki Sewing Machine Price In Bangladesh

When thinking of buying a sewing machine, most buyers think of buying a Juki sewing machine. But, how do you decide if you have yet to learn about Juki sewing machine prices in the Bangladesh market now? So, today we bring you one of the world's most popular brands Juki Sewing Machine price list, and features.

Every garment maker or garment owner should thoroughly understand sewing machines. So, in this article, we will discuss two types of juki sewing machines, starting from industrial or garment sewing machines to household sewing machines, in-sha-Allah.

We have selected the top 10 juki sewing machines considering important factors like compactness, efficiency, sewing speed, stitch pattern, etc. So let's know about Juki sewing machine price in 2024.


Juki Sewing Machine Price In Bangladesh 2023
Juki Sewing Machine Price List


Juki sewing machine price list 2024

Juki sewing machines are currently available in the market and are priced between 18,000 to 35,000 Tk depending on the features.

Juki Sewing Machine Models and Prices at a Glance:

Machine type


The price

Household sewing machine


23000 Tk


30621 Tk


22000 Tk


29000 Tk


35000 Tk

Industrial sewing machine


30000 rupees


27000 Tk


23500 Tk


27000 Tk

DDL 8100eH

35000 Tk

Household Juki Sewing Machine Price Bangladesh

Household sewing machines are usually both manual and electric. A sufficient number of garments are produced every day by the machines. Household sewing machines excel in fast speed, easy sewing anywhere, and perfect stitching.

A much smaller amount of clothes are sewn daily by home machines than industrial machines. So their structure and features are slightly different. Home machines have an average speed of 700 stitches/minute. Let us know the Household Juki Sewing Machine Price and Features.

1. HZL-27Z | Juki sewing machine price Bangladesh

HZL-27Z model household juki sewing machine is straightforward to use with fine-tuned functions. The machine can sew 23 different built-in stitch patterns. Each stitch pattern can be easily modified. The machine can sew at a maximum speed of 610 stitches/min.

This machine from Juki is powered by electricity. The machine is controlled by a pressure foot near the foot. Moreover, there is a built-in LED light facility for sewing in the dark or low light.


  • Model: HZL-27Z

  • 23 stitch patterns

  • Maximum speed: 610 stitches/min

  • Stitch Length: Maximum 4 mm.

  • Stitch Width: Max 5.5mm

  • Automatic Needle Threader

  • Easy stitch pattern selection facility

  • White LED light

  • 4-step buttonholing

  • 7-point feed dog

  • Weight: 5.9 kg

  • Machine Type: Electric

HZL-27Z Model Juki Sewing Machine Current Price in Bangladesh is 13811 Tk.

2. HZL-12Z | Juki Sewing machine Price in Bangladesh

Juki HZL-12Z model sewing machine has 5 stitch patterns and is simple to operate. The machine can sew fabrics at a maximum speed of 570 stitches/min. This fully electric sewing machine is controlled by a pressure foot lever.

Keeping the stitch width correct while zigzag stitching is a difficult task. But this machine has a stitch selector feature to adjust the width of the zigzag stitch. Which can be easily selected by rotating the required stitch. A bright built-in LED light is installed for sewing at night or in low light. So using all the features it is possible to easily make excellent stitches.


  • Model: HZL-12Z

  • 5 stitch patterns

  • Maximum speed: 570 stitches/min

  • Automatic Needle Threader

  • 4-step buttonholing

  • Features zigzag stitching

  • Half rotary vertical hook

  • White LED light

  • Reverse stitch lever

  • Adjusting the stitch length

  • Weight: 4.4 kg

  • Machine Type: Electric

Juki sewing machine model HZL-12Z's current price is 30621 tk.

3. LT-591 | Juki sewing machine price Bangladesh

The Zuki LT-591 model machine has reduced bobbin thread change time by 1/5 compared to the previous version. The machine can be operated on a flat surface or on a high wooden table. Since there is no feed mechanism, there is no fixed stitch length.

The machine can sew clothes at a maximum speed of 600 stitches/minute. Its bed size is slightly bigger. With more space, sewing can be done comfortably. Pulling the lever of the presser foot during sewing will start the machine. And when the lever is released, the needle will stop. Therefore, it is very easy to control the needle.


  • Model: LT-591

  • Maximum speed: 600 stitches/min

  • Stitch Length: Free

  • Vertical rotary hook

  • No feed mechanism

  • Needle bar stroke: 52.8 mm.

  • Lift of pressure foot: 35 mm.

  • Bed Size: 440 * 178 mm.

  • Machine head weight: 53 kg

  • 1-year warranty facility

Juki LT-591 model machine price is 32883 tk.

4. HZL-35Z | Juki sewing machine price Bangladesh

Juki HZL-35Z model home sewing machine is compact and lightweight. The automatic needle threader makes it easy to thread the needle. A lot of time is saved as a result. Not only this, the machine has 27 built-in stitch patterns. They can be stitched beautifully.

A zigzag stitch is also required only by turning the stitch selector lightly. This machine has not only forward sewing but also reverse sewing. That's why there is a big lever to start the reverse stitch. Depending on the type and thickness of the fabric, the stitch length may vary. This can be done in this Juke machine by just turning the dial.


  • Model: HZL-35Z

  • 27 built-in stitch patterns

  • Maximum speed: 700 stitches/min

  • Maximum stitch length: 4 mm.

  • Maximum stitch width: 6 mm. (zigzag)

  • Stitch length adjustment dial

  • Buttonhole stitch

  • Automatic Needle Threader

  • Reverse stitch facility

  • 7-point feed dog

  • Standard Pressure Feet

  • Weight: About 7.26 kg

HZL-35Z Model Juki Sewing Machine price in Bangladesh is Tk 29000.

5. MO-50e | Juki sewing machine price Bangladesh

Juki MO-50e model sewing machine is designed so that even beginners can work easily. It has a separate feed for sewing stretchy fabric and crinkly fabric. For stitch length adjustment there is a dial on the right side which can be turned from 1-4 to adjust the length.

This Juki sewing machine can sew clothes at a maximum speed of 1300 stitches/min. The machine is controlled by 6 mm. Through its pressure foot lift. A built-in light is provided for sewing at night or in the dark. The machine is also easy to transport as it weighs 7.4 kg. All in all the machine is very easy to use and user friendly.


  • Model: MO-50e

  • Maximum speed: 1300 stitches/min

  • Stitch length: 1-4 mm. (Standard: 2.5mm)

  • Differential feed: 0.8-2.0 ratio

  • Pressure Foot Lift: Maximum 6 mm.

  • Automatic lower looper threading

  • a light

  • Weight: 7.4 kg

MO-50e Model Sewing Machine Price 33217 tk

Juki Garment Sewing Machine Price Bd

Industrial sewing machines are usually electric. A large number of garments are produced every day by machines. Hence, industrial sewing machines excel in fast speed, automatic bobbin windup, and perfect stitching.

Industrial sewing machines are slightly different from household machines due to the need to do a lot of sewing every day. Industrial machines need to have large throat space and be made of solid metal. Where the speed of home machines averages 700 stitches/minute, the speed of industrial machines is several times higher.

While buying an industrial sewing machine to cope with the heavy workload, features such as machine speed, automatic bobbin wind-up, stitch pattern, body material, etc. should be considered. In this case, the reputation of the sewing machines made by the Juki company is all over the world. So, let's know the Juki Industrial Sewing Machine Price and Features.

1. MB-373 | Juki sewing machine price Bangladesh

You can work semi-automated with a Juki brand MB-373 model sewing machine. The machine is controlled by a foot pressure foot lift. A skilled hand can produce excellent stitching at a maximum speed of 1500 stitches/min.

8, 16, and 32 stitches per inch can be adjusted by changing the dial. An automatic thread trimmer is attached to the foot pressure lifter. So the yarn is cut automatically. The motor of the machine will require 200 watts of electricity to run.


  • Model: MB-373

  • Normal Speed: 1300 RPM

  • Maximum speed: 1500 RPM

  • Number of stitches per inch: 8, 16 and 32

  • Automatic thread trimmer

  • Body: Made of mild steel

  • Power: 200 W

  • Phase: Single Phase / Tri-Phase

  • Blue bar stroke: 48.6 mm.

  • Controlled with pressure foot lift

MB-373 Model Juki Sewing Machine Price 39,459 Tk.

2. DDL 7000A UBT | Juki sewing machine price Bangladesh

Zuki DDL 7000A UBT model machine is a direct drive 1 needle lockstitch machine. It has an automatic thread trimmer. The machine uses a servo motor that can sew at a maximum speed of 5000 stitches/min. The stitch length available is 5 mm.

5.5 mm presser foot for manual use and 13 mm for knee use to control the machine. It has lift pressure feet. The machine is very user-friendly considering all the features.


  • Model: DDL 7000A

  • Maximum Speed: 5000 (stitch/min)

  • Minimum Speed: 4000 (stitch/min)

  • Stitch length: 5 mm.

  • Needle bar stroke: 35 mm.

  • Number of needles: 1

  • Weight: 32-34 kg

  • Servo motor

  • Power: 210 V

  • Machine Type: Automatic

DDL 7000A UBT model juki sewing machine's current price in Bangladesh is 49,324 Tk.

3. DDL-8100E | Juki Sewing Machine Price

Juki DDL-8100E model sewing machine has an automatic working system. The machine can only sew 1 pattern. A sewing speed of 4000-5000 stitches/min is usually available. The stitch length at this speed is 5 mm. which becomes

The sewing machine is operated with a clutch motor. This machine comes with a built-in accessories compartment and a yarn stand.


  • Model: DDL-8100E

  • Only 1 built-in stitch pattern

  • Separate onboard bobbin winder

  • Advantage of backward stitching

  • Maximum Speed: 4000-5000 (stitch/min)

  • Stitch length: 5 mm.

  • Needle Bar Stroke: 30.7mm

  • clutch motor

  • Machine Type: Foot Driven

  • Built-in yarn stand

  • Accessory compartment

Juki Sewing Machine DDL-8100E model is priced at Tk 40,775.

4. DDL-8700 | Juki sewing machine price Bangladesh

Juki DDL-8700 model sewing machine is a high-speed single-needle straight lockstitch machine. The machine uses state-of-the-art SERVO motors. This motor saves 70% of energy. The servo motor does not create noise in the room. The motor consumes less energy resulting in lower power consumption.

Can sew at a maximum speed of 5500 stitches/min. This Juki sewing machine has good features including pressure foot lift, light-touch stitch dial, and work productivity increases.


  • Model: DDL-8700

  • Max Speed: 5500 Stich/Min

  • Stitch Length: 5mm

  • Needle Bar Stroke: 30.7mm


  • Lift of pressure foot: 13 mm.

  • Hand presser foot lift: 5.5 mm.

  • Weight: 28 kg

  • 3 months warranty facility

Juki Sewing Machine DDL-8700 model price is 38,802 tk.

5. DDL 8100eH | Juki sewing machine price 2024

Juki DDL 8100eH model sewing machine is a heavy-weight industrial sewing machine. Due to high energy saving, electricity consumption is very low. The machine has 21 built-in patterns that can be used to stitch attractive designs. As the machine can sew at a speed of 4000 stitches/minute, it is possible to sew a large amount of clothes per day.

It is a tested sewing machine for high tolerance and smooth function. The machine is to be controlled through the pressure foot. The foot lever of the profession is pulled by hand or knee. 35 mm of the machine. Due to its needle bar stroke and other features, it is very useful for garment work.


  • Model: DDL 8100eH

  • High energy saving

  • 21 built-in patterns

  • Maximum speed: 4000 stitches/min

  • Maximum stitch length: 5 mm.

  • Needle bar stroke: 35 mm.

  • Lift Pressure Foot (Hand): 5.5 mm.

  • Lift Pressure Foot (Knee): 13 mm.

  • Feed Dog: 3 rows

  • Weight: 26 kg

DDL 8100eH model Juki sewing machine price in Bangladesh market is Tk 32,225.

Juki sewing machine prices are final

A good quality and efficient sewing machine is an important accessory for dressmakers and garments. To buy a sewing machine for a shoemaker of choice, buyers try to learn everything about the machine. Juki is a well-known and trusted company not only in Bangladesh but also internationally as the best sewing machine manufacturer. Singer sewing machine of Bangladesh is also competing with Juki.

So today I tried to inform A to Z about the Juki sewing machine market price. Hopefully, our list of Juki sewing machines will help you choose the best sewing machine.

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