Uk Student visa from Bangladesh 2023 | Uk student visa cost

Uk Student visa from Bangladesh

Uk Student visa from Bangladesh

How much does a student visa cost in London, how can visa be processed? How Much Does A Student Visa Cost In London. 

The UK education system is recognized and admired around the world. Students from more than 70 countries come to the UK to study. Many Bangladeshi students also dream of studying in Europe, Australia, Canada, USA. But the main obstacles to getting a student visa in these developed countries are the level of English and economic problems.

How much does a student visa cost in London?

To get an idea of ​​the process of applying for a student visa in the UK, the TK PBS (Point Based System) Tier for General Student (18+) visa is called the Student Visa Category in the UK. A total of 40 points on PBS (Point Based System) Tier for General Student (18+) visa. 30 points for CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) and 10 points for bank liquidity. If all goes well, a student will be considered for a visa when he gets 40 points.

It is important to note that there are two conditions for obtaining a student visa with a work permit in the UK, namely, the college or university must have a highly trusted ranking and the college or university must be government funded or government.

SSC, ESC or equivalent and (IELTS) S or equivalent to go to UK i.e. United Kingdom. For undergraduate and post-grade programs, IELTS must have a minimum of 5.5 and a total of 6 in each band. And (IELTS) IELTS can be applied in Foundation Course or Diploma Course if there is a total of 5 in each band with 4.5.

Bank statement and certificate at least 28 days after the deposit as proof of solvency. In the suburbs of London, you have to pay a deposit of  9000 + tuition fee due. If you are out of London's suburbs, you will have to pay  2,200 + arrears of tuition fee. Passport required.

The advice of the UK Embassy is to apply as soon as possible. The best time to start work is at least two months before the start of the session.

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Uk Student Visa Cost 2023

Here is how to apply for medical treatment in hospitals. You have to make a phone call and get medical treatment on time. Medical may cost you Rs 5,000 or more. Deposit the required money through the bank. 

Apply for an offer letter as per the rules of the college or university. Draft or TT the tuition fee as a college or university. The course (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) will be available after seven or three working days of drafting or TT the tuition fee.

Appointment by sending course details via email [email protected] to the Embassy. Apply online or VAF9 Form and Appendix.  Apply 1 copy of color photo, bank statement and original copy of all certificates along with photocopy at the specified time Visa Application Center at Dhaka or Sylhet by paying visa fee. File delivery within 15 to 25 working days of application.

How to do visa processing in London on student visa?

After being admitted in the educational institution, they have to reach the institution within the deadline mentioned in the offer letter or admission permit. Otherwise admission will be canceled. So you have to collect the visa of that country before the specified date. 

Although there are some differences between the countries of the world when it comes to issuing visas, almost all the rules are the same. In order to get a visa in any country, first you have to collect the visa application form of that country.

In some cases, educational institutions provide visa applications. If not, you have to collect the visa application form from the specified embassy and submit it to the embassy along with all the required documents with correct information and you have to collect the visa through interview on the specified day. Documents required for a visa are usually -

Educational Documents: Certificates, Number Sheets, Attested Photocopy of Certificate of Testimonial of the Head of the Institution.

Passport: Passport must be valid for at least 1 year and must match educational documents with occupation, date of birth and all other information . If you don't have a passport, get one.

Certificate of admission or offer letter in educational institution.

Certificate of Financial Ability: See the details in the Application and Admission Processing section.

Photo: On a white background, it is better to have a smart and clear photo taken in clean and modest clothes and it is better to be colorful.

Bank draft of tuition fee: Tuition fee varies from institution to institution.

Certificate of Linguistic Proficiency: See Application and Admission Processing section.

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Police clearance: It can be collected by contacting the respective police station for police clearance and paying a fixed fee.

However, if you are accused of being involved in any illegal activity in the country, you will not get a police clearance.

How to get a student visa in Uk?

Suppose you want to go to study at a world famous university in Uk or London .Then your first task is to prepare yourself for going to university. I am not saying that preparation is the only way to achieve good results. 

Rather, the country you want to go to for higher education should have a good idea about the socio-economic condition of the country. You also need to develop the ability to adapt to the environment of the country or university concerned. 

The offer letter will be given by the concerned university giving you the initial permission for admission. Every student has to read the offer letter given by the university again and again. Know well the amount of tuition fee and other issues.

It is easy to get a student visa in any country

Many ask which country will be easier for students to get a visa? The answer is that if you have the qualifications, it is easy in all countries.

Because all the countries of the world want the most talented people to study in the universities of their country. And discover something new for them.
However, it can be said that India, Malaysia and China are very easy for Bangladeshi students. And the rest is a little difficult.

Student visa rules and costs in London

Canada is one of the developed countries. Canada is a country of peace and security. However, higher education opportunities are much better in Canada.

Especially Bangladeshi students can go to Canada and build an easy career. However, it costs an average of Rs 15 lakh per year for an honors course.

The above article is for those who are serious about going abroad for higher education.

We hope you find the article useful. But if you want to know more information? However, call the following number during office hours. If necessary you can find detailed information such as university tuition fees, living expenses, etc. by meeting online through Zoom or Google Meet.

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