Robi 500 SMS code | Robi sms check Code 2022

Robi 500 SMS code

Robi 500 SMS code
Robi 500 SMS code

Robi SMS code: There are many who want to buy 500 SMS for 5 taka Robi, but do not know how to buy. From today's post, they will be able to know how to get 500 SMS for Robi 5 Taka  

SMS is one of the main means of communication with anyone except online communication and phone calls. And now the best and most popular SIM for buying SMS is Robi SIM.

And the best 500 SMS offer at Robi 5 Taka. So in this post we will discuss Robi 500 SMS code. 

While Grameenphone once offered more SMS to its subscribers, now Robi offers its customers the most SMS at lower prices. 

If you want to get more Robi SMS offer at lower price Robi 500 SMS for 5 Taka, then you can read this post.      

This offer is one of the most offered SMS at the lowest price of Robi. Through this offer you will get 500 SMS for 5 taka in Robi SIM. (Robi 500 sms Code) 

You will need to dial a code on your phone to avail the 500 SMS offer at Rs. And that Robi 5 Taka 500 SMS code is *123*2*7*1#.

Valid of Robi 500 SMS

This offer is valid for 30 days. And you can send these SMS to any Robi to operator. (Robi 5 takay 500 sms offer code) 

To check Robi 500 SMS dial * 222*12# 

This offer is basically an old offer of Robi. In 2021, due to some new conditions of BTRC, Robi changed this offer to 160 sms for 5 taka. 

Robi is also a very popular offer among 500 SMS at 5 taka, more SMS at less than Robi. You can avail this offer if you need to purchase SMS in case of emergency. (Robi 5 takay 180 sms offer code)  

Robi 180 SMS Code

And to buy 180 SMS for 5 taka on Robi you have to dial *123*2*7*1# this code. The offer is valid for 30 days. And you can send these SMS to any SIM. 

to check SMS dial * 222*12# 

If you need only 100 SMS, you can avail this SMS offer. With this offer you can get 100 SMS for 5 taka for one day. (Robi 5 takay 100 sms offer code)  

Robi SMS check Code

You have to dial * 121* 6 * 5 * 4 * 1 # as the code to buy 100 SMS for 5 taka on Robi. These SMS will be valid for up to 24 hours. And you can use SMS from Robi to any SIM.

To check SMS dial * 222 * 12 #   


This was the code for buying 500 SMS at Robi 5 Taka and Robi SMS offer 2022.  


Our last word: in today's article we have shared with you Robi SIM's SMS offer 2022 and Robi 5 taka 500 SMS receiving code. We hope that this article will help you to buy 500 SMS in Robi SIM for 5 taka later.

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