Gree AC price in bangladesh 2022 | Best Gree Ac Model

Gree AC price in bangladesh

Gree Ac price in bangladesh 2022

There are several AC companies in the market. Each company engages in cooperative marketing with each other. In addition to good products, the company that has been able to pay more attention to what price to sell the product in the Bangladesh market is now at the top position. 

You can know various information about Gree AC from this article. How many models of Gree AC have come to the market in 2022 and how much they have set the market price of these ACs, you can get the detailed information from this article.

An old company in the manufacture of electronic products. Grill companies have been operating their business since long time in Bangladesh. Gree is a well-known and old name in the AC world as well. 

As the price of this company's ACs is relatively low and the quality of these ACs is very good, Grill Company's ACs have gained acceptance among the people of the country. Even though it is a domestic company they still try to make good quality products. Today you can know the market price of this AC by knowing the various updates of 2022 Gree AC.

Gree AC Bangladeshi Price 

Every year different companies enter the market with new AC models. They price the AC based on that model ratio. The company decides what the price of a model will be. But in this case there are some discounts which are given at different times in different places. To get the discounts, you must keep your eyes and ears open and be financially ready to buy AC anytime.

However, you can know about Gree AC price in bangladesh  from this article. Especially in the year 2022 , how many new models have arrived at home, you can know all the information about their Bangladeshi prices from this part of our article.

Gree AC New Model 2022

Gree AC has introduced several new models of AC in the market in 2022. These ACs look very nice and have modern features. You will get Eco mode and Dry mode in ACs. You can easily use eco-friendly ACs. Also the new version in this AC is inverter technology. With this technology you can save a lot of electricity.

Gree has tried to bring the latest technology AC in the market. Those of you who are thinking of buying a Gree AC should read our complete article carefully so that you can understand which AC is priced and which AC can be the perfect AC for you.

Installment Gree AC Purchase Rules 2022

If you are talking about buying AC then buying in installments comes first. As most of the people are not financially well off in the context of Bangladesh, they do not like much luxury. But nowadays AC has become more of a necessity than a luxury. Therefore, many people struggle to meet their needs and fall into financial difficulties. So considering all aspects, AC companies have specially arranged installments.

Through which you can purchase AC in various steps and installments. Facility to purchase AC in installments in the country of Grill Company and its customers. For this you must contact your nearest Gree showroom and buy AC in installments as per their rules. You can purchase AC in installments of 6 months a year and up to a maximum of 36 months.

Gree 1 Ton Non Inverter AC Price  

Gree  Company has launched 1 Ton Non Inverter AC in the market. You can definitely buy 1 ton inverter ac from bidi company. At AACs you will find various state-of-the-art facilities. And these ACs are fully eco-friendly ACs. The compressor comes with a 5 -year warranty. Also on other devices you will get maximum service less than four years. Home service is completely free.

Gree One Ton Non Inverter AC will give you the benefit of 80 sq ft to 100 sq ft area coverage. You can buy Gree Company 1 Ton Non Inverter AC for just Rs 36,499Even then you can get maximum 10 % discount on ACs. Also there is an opportunity to buy them in installments. 

Gree 1 Ton Inverter AC

Gree Company's 1 ton inverter technology AC is one of the most updated models in the market today. AC of this model is of very good quality and its compressions are durable for many years. Those who want to buy Green Company 1 Ton Inverter AC can definitely buy AC. You can buy these at various discounts up to 10 percent off.

The market price of this AC is fixed at 46 thousand 499 rupees. If you want to buy ACs in installments then you will not get any discount in that case. You also get a 5 -year compressor warranty on this AC .

Gree 1.5 Ton Inverter AC

Gree company has AC of 1.5 ton. AACs are generally used in medium-sized rooms. If your house area is 120 sq ft to 150 sq ft then you can install Gree 1.5 Ton Non Inverter AC. Then your AC will give you air throughout the room and the AC will last for a long time. You can get a maximum discount of up to 10 percent on purchasing this AC .

If you want you can buy Gree Company 1.5 Ton Non Inverter AC in installments as well. The market price of Gree 1.5 Ton Non Inverter AC is fixed at Rs.48 thousand .

Gree 1.5 Ton Inverter AC

Back in the day it was heard that installing an AC would lead to huge electricity bills. Even though many can afford AC but not AC only because of this electricity bill. But now a new technology has been added to the AC to reduce the electricity bill. The name of this technology is inverter technology. Those of you who buy ACs with this technology can save up to 60 percent on electricity bills.

Gree company also has 1.5 ton inverter technology AC.The market price of this AC is fixed at 58 thousand 499 tk. Those of you who buy this AC at cash price can get a maximum discount of 10 percent.

Gree 2 Ton Non Inverter AC

Gree Company has 2 Ton Inverter AC. AACs are qualitatively very good. Gree Company has set the market price of their 2 Ton Non Inverter AC at Rs 63,500 . If your room area is 180 sq ft to 220 sq ft then you can install Gree Company 2 Ton Non Inverter AC in that room. If you install this AC in more area then it will run for long time and due to this AC will not last long. . ACs will be fine if a few rules are followed.

Gree 2 Ton Inverter AC

Gree company has 2 ton inverter technology AC. The market price of this AC is fixed at 70 thousand 499 rupees. On top of that you will get a maximum 10 percent discount. Also you can buy this AC in installments if you want. As in other countries, this winter also has a five-year compressor warranty and four-year warranty on other parts.

Gree AC Price 2022

Gree has occupied the top position in the country's market with high-quality air conditioners at affordable prices. In the country, customers can call the nearest plaza from home. Or delivery of Gree products from distributor showroom to cash on delivery facility. So now Gree AC is at the top in terms of customer demand and sales. In view of which the sale of Gree AC has increased a lot in the last year. Currently, there are several ACs in the market, the model names, prices and details of the ACs in the market are given below:

Gree GS-18NFA410 1.5 Ton Fairy Split AC-

Gree GS-18NFA410 air conditioner suitable for both residential and commercial use, LED display, comfortable sleeping mood. Gree AC automatically adjusts the indoor temperature when cooling or heating to reduce electricity consumption and maximize savings.

AC Type- Split AC

BTU- 1.5 Ton 18000 BTU

Filter Type – Washable air purifying filter

Air Control – Cool air

Remote control. Other features of non-inverter include comfortable sleeping mood. Gree GS-18NFA410 model ACT is currently selling in Bangladesh for Tk 47,990.


Gree GS-24CT410 2 Ton Anti Cool Wind Split Air Conditioner-

Gree GS-24CT410 2 Ton Split Air Conditioner has 24000 BTU Capacity, 850 m3/h Air Circulation, Multi Fan Rate of Speed, Wide Angel Louver, Air Circulation Route Management, Comfortable Sleeping Mode, Very Style, Anti-Cool Wind, Time, Turbo compressor button, time display, self-diagnosis, cleanable air clean filtration, memory function, protected, automatic function, excellent fin condenser. 

Brilliant de-frosting, low volt start up, low heat range start up. Dehydrating function, automatic fresh, LED management. Soft start, 1018 x 325 x 323 mm indoor and 955 x 700 x 396. Outdoor dimensions, 15kg indoor and 49kg outdoor weight.

AC Type- Split AC

Coverage- 200 – 270 sqft

Filter Type – Washable air purifying filter.

Fan Speed ​​– Multi fan speed and wide angel louvers.

Cooling Speed ​​– Turbo and Max Speed ​​Cooling

Air Control- Adjustable Air Flow, Auto Shut Flap, Double Auto Swing, Up/Down Swing Flap

Remote control. Temperature adjustment Digital temperature control. Energy efficient Energy saving Power consumption Low voltage start up. and memory function and automatic operation. The market price of AC of this model is Tk 54,990.

Gree GS-18CT 1.5 Ton 18000 BTU Split Type Air Conditioner-

Gree GS-18CT Split Air Conditioner has 1.5 Ton 18000 BTU, 1540 Watt Input Power, Multi Fan Speed, Wide Angle AC Louvers. Comfortable sleeping mode, anti-cool wind, turbo button, clock display, self-diagnosis. Washable air purification filter. 

Memory function, lock, automatic operation, inverter and system on/off. Golden fin condenser, low voltage startup. Low-temperature startup, intelligent defrosting, drying operation. Auto Clean, LED Control and Soft Start. Golden fin condenser, intelligent defrosting and up/down air outlet. Auto restart/auto sleep, airflow directional control.

AC Type- Split AC

Coverage- 100-150 sqft

Filter Type- Anti Fungus or Bacteria Filter, Negative Air Ion Deodorizing Filter, Odor Removal Function

Fan Speed ​​– Air Circulation High M3/hr, Inner-540, Outer 1760-1830

Air Control – Automatic air flow adjustment

Remote control. Timer, auto restart, sleep mode. Temperature adjustment Power consumption Power consumption 1.27 – 1.33 kW, input power 220 – 240/ 1/ 50, operating current amps 6.5. Auto restart function, moisture removal, super quiet, super power saving. Its market price is 45 thousand rupees.

Gree GS24LM410 2.0 Ton Split Type Air Conditioner-

Gree GS24LM410 has 2 Ton AC. A strong one at that. And there are tropical shrinks or magic mirrors. AC will start in low voltage, comfortable sleep mode and memory function.

AC Type- Split AC

Coverage- 150-220 sqft

Cooling Speed ​​– Turbo Cooling

Remote control. On-off timer. Automatic drying operation, self-diagnosis on-off timer, copper pipe efficient and quiet design. Gree GS24LM410 is currently being sold in Bangladesh for Tk 65,000.


Gree GSH-12FA410 1-Ton Split Air Conditioner-

Gree GSH-12FA410 saves energy when cooling or heating. Internal temperature adjusted automatically.
It has a comfortable sleeping mood, cold wind resistance, clock display, LED display.

AC Type- Split AC

Coverage- 120 sqft

Filter Type – Washable air purifying filter

Fan Speed ​​- Turbo Cooling

Cooling Speed ​​– Turbo and Max Speed ​​Cooling

Air Control - Air flow direction adjustable

Remote control. Temperature adjustment Auto / Manual. Energy efficient energy saving. Power consumption is low voltage start-up. Gree GSH-12FA410 is currently selling in Bangladesh for Tk 36500.


Gree GS-12CT410 1 Ton Digital Temperature Control Split AC-

Gree GS-12CT410 1 Ton Wall Mount Split AC 12000 BTU Capacity, 120-140 Sqft Coverage Area, Auto Clean, Multi Fan Speed, Digital Temperature Control, 220V/1Ph/50Hz Power Supply, 845 x 275 x 180mm Indoor Dimensions Indoor Weight .

AC Type- Split AC

Coverage- 120-140 sqft

Filter Type- Auto Clean

Fan Speed ​​- Multi fan speed

Cooling Speed ​​– Turbo and Max Speed ​​Cooling

Remote control. Digital temperature control. Energy efficient 3 phase for energy saving. Power consumption is 1.35 kW. This AC has an attractive LED display and is priced at Tk 34,000.


Gree Inverter AC Price 2022

Gree inverter AC compressor has 10 years guarantee, 6 months replacement guarantee facility, exchange offer to buy new Gree AC instead of AC of any brand. Apart from this, you can get free installation facility. Moreover, Gree is a Chinese AC manufacturer that is famous as a “World Brand”. 

Gree AC has also gained popularity in Bangladesh for its quality, service, and low price. So Gree AC has several advantages. The life time of the compressor of Gree AC is long so that the AC can be used for many days with a single compressor.

  • Gree AC is available in the current market from 1 ton, 1.5 ton, 2 ton, 2.5 ton to 5 ton so AC can be purchased according to demand.
  • Gree ACs are available with inverter technology to reduce power consumption.
  • Non-inverter ACs are available at low cost which are energy saving.
  • Gree AC works beautifully in any environment.


Gree inverter, non-inverter ac

You must have noticed that many electronic products have this inverter or non-inverter written on them. There are many differences in the price and benefits of these products. The advantage of inverter AC is that the inverter AC compressor can change its own running speed as needed. 

Inverter ACs have a sensor that slows down the motor, without turning off the compressor completely, depending on the room temperature. Due to this, electricity consumption is reduced.

On the other hand, the compressor of a normal or non-inverter AC turns on and off repeatedly, thus consuming a lot of electricity. A typical AC draws a lot of electricity every time the compressor unit is turned on, which basically increases the electricity consumption, resulting in higher bills.

New model of Gree AC 2022

Gree is currently the largest electronic product manufacturing company in Bangladesh, so their product range is endless. Gree is constantly adding new models and new features to their ACs. 

If you want to collect these new models and new features, then you have to buy the new model AC of Gree. So now we will try to introduce you to different new models of AC through which you can take the best decision in buying a Gree AC.

Best Gree AC price list in Bangladesh September 2022 

Gree AC modelPrice in Bangladesh
Gree GS-18XLMV32 1.5 Ton Split Inverter AC68,500 Tk
Gree GS-12XPUV32-Pular Split Inverter Air Conditioner49,999 Tk 
Gree GSH-24LMV 2 Ton Heat & Cool Inverter AC76,000 Tk
Gree GS-24XFV32 2.0 Ton Inverter AC78,000 Tk
Gree GSH-12NFV 1.0 Ton Inverter Air Conditioner47,000 Tk
Gree GS-18XFV32 1.5 Ton Inverter AC67,000 Tk 
Gree GP-12NLF 1 Ton Portable Air Conditioner42,490 Tk 
Gree GS-24XPUV32-Pular Split Inverter Air Conditioner77,000 TK
Gree GS-18XPUV32-Pular Split Inverter Air Conditioner63,490 Tk 
Gree GSH-24NFA410 2.0-Ton Fairy Split AC64,000 Tk

Gree is a Chinese AC manufacturer famous as "World Brand". Gree AC has also gained popularity in Bangladesh for its quality, service, and low prices.

1. The life time of the compressor of Gree AC is long so that the AC can be used for many days with a single compressor.
2. Gree AC is available in the current market from 1 ton, 1.5 ton, 2 ton, 2.5 ton to 5 ton so AC can be purchased according to demand.

3. Gree ACs are available with inverter technology to reduce power consumption.

4. Non-inverter ACs are available at low cost which are energy saving.

5. Gree AC works beautifully in any environment.

How much does Gree AC cost?

Gree AC price in Bangladesh is around Tk 36,900 for 1-ton AC with 10 feet pipe and warranty service. This is enough to cool a 100 square feet space very effectively during the summer season of Bangladesh. However, setting up AC in your home or office will require some additional costs such as outdoor hanging stands and proper electrical wiring.

What is the price of 1.5 ton Gree AC?

A 1.5 ton Gree AC starts at Tk 48,000 which is enough to effectively cool a 150 square feet space in Bangladesh. However, if the room is on the top floor, a more powerful AC may be required for the same space. Installation cost is not included. For inverter technology, 1.5 ton Gree Inverter AC price in Bangladesh ranges from Tk 58,500 to Tk 60,000 depending on the model and features.

How much for a 2-ton Gree AC?

A 2-ton Gree AC in BD usually costs between Tk 57,000 to Tk 72,000 depending on the technology like whether it is inverter or non-inverter. This size AC can cool up to 200 square feet. If you need to cool more space then BD Stall has up to 3 ton Gree AC available. Price will depend on BTU.

How much will the bill be reduced if you use Gree Inverter AC?

Gree inverter technology has special compressors where the rotation speed of the compressor is variable and rotates slowly as the room cools. Hence it reduces the electricity bill by up to 70%. However, even though the price of Gree Inverter AC starts from Tk 57,000, it will save a lot in the long run.

What is i-fill button on Gree AC?

This is a special feature designed by Gree where the remote has a temperature measuring sensor and the AC will maintain the same temperature as where the remote is located.

What is Wi-Fi function in Gree AC?

Some models available in Bangladesh have inbuilt Wi-Fi technology that connects the Gree AC to the smartphone using Wi-Fi via an app. It is very convenient to operate the AC using the app.


Rules for buying Gree AC in installments

To buy Gree AC installments, you first need to go directly to Gree showroom or e-plaza. Then discuss with them that you want to buy AC from them in installments then that e-pleasure sales man will make all arrangements for you. But in buying AC you must make 40% down payment. That is, you have to deposit 40% of the market price of the AC first and then pay the remaining 60% in installments. Many times you will also be given a discount for buying AC in installments.

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