Walton Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh 2024 | With Offer Price

Walton Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh 2023 | With Offer Price !

Walton Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

Are you thinking of buying a  Walton Refrigerator Need to know about Walton Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh 2024?

Eid Bazaar is our today's arrangement for you. Walton currently has over 200 Walton Refrigerator models. So, if you go to Walton shop without knowing about Walton Refrigerator, you might spend the whole day there. So, to make your work easier and less time-consuming, you need to know Walton Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh.

You can also order online after knowing the Walton Refrigerator price list . There is the facility for buying a Walton Refrigerator in installments with a nominal down payment.

Walton Refrigerator is currently exporting to foreign countries to meet the demand of Bangladesh. On the one hand, the price of Walton Refrigerator is lower than other foreign brands, on the other hand, it is constantly increasing in popularity among Bangladeshis due to the guarantee-warranty service and good quality for many years.

In this age of electronic products, a refrigerator is an essential item in your home. No matter the season, there is no alternative to storing food without a refrigerator. The fridge that counts, means, and looks the best is the first choice for everyone.

On the one hand, foreign products are now taking over the market. On the other hand, several brands are trying hard to deliver domestic products to consumers. One such reputed Bangladeshi company is Walton

So for your convenience, we have brought Walton Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh to give you an idea about the current price of Walton Fridge in the Bangladesh market. So that you can get the best quality fridge within your budget.

info! In the last part of the article, I will give details about Walton Fridge's Eid offer, in sha Allah.

What size fridge should I choose?

This means more craft means more space inside the fridge depending on your needs. Gross Volume is the outer diameter of the fridge space, and Net Volume is the inner diameter of the fridge space. Nowadays, the space measurement of refrigerators is in liters. You can check the picture and specifications of the refrigerator above.
Be sure to check the Walton refrigerator compressor warranty period because compressors are an important part of any refrigerator or refrigerator. The Walton Company is popular for the quality of its refrigerators. Every year they sell more than 1 lakh refrigerators in Bangladesh.
Try buying a Walton inverter technology-capable refrigerator because this inverter-type fridge will save your electricity bill. But, if your budget is low, you can buy a non-inverter-type fridge.

How do you calculate liters from craft?

1 CFT = 28.32 liters
Example: Would you like to know if 5cft fridgeLiters, just multiply by 5 × 28.32 = 141.58 liters. Similar 10cft = 283.2 liters and the rest is the same calculation method. (You can also read Walton Ac price in Bangladesh)

Walton Fridge Price 2024

For your convenience, we've divided the Walton Refrigerator Prices for 2024 into three categories: Large, Medium, and Small sizes, based on price and volume. Additionally, the price for the Walton Deep Freeze 2023 remains unchanged.

Walton Fridge price in bd 2024 at a Glance

Fridge model


Walton Fridge Price

WFC-3F5-GDNE-XX (Inverter)

385 liters

40,390 Tk.

WFC-3F5-GDXX-XX (Inverter)

385 liters

39, 300 Tk


358 liters

36,350 Tk

WFC-3D8-GDEH-DD (Inverter)

358 liters

39,990 Tk 


268 liters

31,400 Tk 


268 liters

29,650 Tk


250 liters

28,500 Tk


250 liters

28,700 Tk 


244 liters

26,950 Tk


223 liters

26,350 Tk


157 liters

19,340 Tk 


157 liters

19,350 Tk


157 liters

17,990 Tk


132 liters

17,990 Tk


132 liters

19,500 Tk

Walton Big Size Fridge Price

Looking for a large fridge but on a tight budget? Don't worry! The domestic brand Walton offers quality refrigerators at affordable prices, which are truly unique.

1. Walton WFC-3F5-GDNE-XX (Inverter) Refrigerator Price


Walton Fridge Price Bangladesh 2022

A very fresh and new model of the refrigerator from Walton is WFC-3F5-GDNE-XX (Inverter). This is a fridge with excellent design and quality. Take a look at its special features –

  • Direct cool type fridge 

  • Beautiful glass doors

  • Environmentally friendly 

  • Made with latest INTELLIGENT INVERTER technology

  • Total volume: 385 liters

  • Net volume: 365 litres

Walton WFC-3F5-GDNE-XX (Inverter) Model 385 Liter Fridge Price: Tk 40,390.

2. Walton WFC-3F5-GDXX-XX (Inverter) Refrigerator Price


Walton Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

Introducing another new model of refrigerator from Walton: the WFC-3F5-GDXX-XX (Inverter). This fridge boasts excellent color and design combinations. The price of this Walton fridge is well worth its quality.Its special features are –

  • New intelligent inverter technology 

  • Glassdoor

  • Direct cooling system 

  • R600a Refrigerant

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Total volume: 385 liters

  • Net volume: 365 litres

Walton WFC-3F5-GDXX-XX (Inverter) Model 385 Liter Fridge Price: Tk 39,300

3. Walton WFE-3E8-GDXX-XX Model Fridge Price


Walton Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

This model is full of eye-catching beauty. Its color and design instantly grab one's attention. Walton's WFE-3E8-GDXX-XX fridge is the best not only in appearance but also in quality. Let's know some more information –

  • Made with nanotechnology 

  • Environmentally friendly 

  • Tempered glass door 

  • Direct cool 

  • Total volume: 358 liters

  • Net volume: 345 litres

Walton WFE-3E8-GDXX-XX Model 358 Liter Fridge Price: Tk 36,350

4. Walton WFC-3D8-GDEH-DD (Inverter) Fridge Price

Walton Fridge 15 Safety Price 2021

The most classy model of Walton's new refrigerators is the WFC-3D8-GDEH-DD (Inverter). Because it looks so smart. People with any taste will easily like it. Some more features are –

  • Made with special technologies

  • Special Nano Health Care

  • Nice glass door

  • Intelligent inverter-type fridge 

  • Direct cool type fridge 

  • Total volume: 358 liters

  • Net volume: 333 litres

Walton WFC-3D8-GDEH-DD (Inverter) Model 358 Liter Fridge Price: Tk 39,990 

5. Walton WFB-2E4-GDSH-XX Fridge Price


Walton WFB-2E4-GDSH-XX Model Fridge

Another classy and smart-looking fridge from Walton is the WFB-2E4-GDSH-XX. Its combination of color and design is very eye-catching. It has some special features-

  • Elegant color

  • Smart-looking glass door 

  • R13a / R600 a refrigerant

  • Total volume: 268 liters

  • Net volume: 254 litres

Walton WFB-2E4-GDSH-XX Model 268 Liter Fridge Price: Tk 31,400 

Walton Medium Size Refrigerator Price 2023

Medium is the ideal size for many when buying a fridge. Because not all sizes are suitable for everyone's room. So the list of Walton medium size fridges is given-

1. Walton Fridge Model – WFB-2E4-GDXX-XX

WFB-2E4-GDXX-XX-ID-364x364A colorful and fashionable fridge is the WFB-2E4-GDXX-XX. Anyone will love this fridge. Know some more features of this fridge with sleek design and amazing features-

  • Retains freshness for a long time

  • Design of tempered glass door 

  • Environmentally friendly 

  • Extensive climate design

  • Nano silver technology

  • Total volume: 268 liters

  • Net volume: 254 litres

Walton WFB-2E4-GDXX-XX Model 268 Liter Fridge Price:  Tk 29,650

2. Price of Walton Fridge WFB-2E0-GDEL-XX

Walton big fridge price 2021This fridge Walton is made in a word eye-catching design. Especially its color combination is amazing. You will want to buy at first glance. Know what other benefits it offers before buying-

  • Faster cooling speed

  • Can retain freshness for a long time

  • R600a Refrigerant

  • Made with nanotechnology 

  • Intelligent inverter technology 

  • Total volume: 250 liters

  • Net volume: 244 liters

Walton WFB-2E0-GDEL-XX Model 250 Liter Fridge Price: Tk 28,500

3. Price of Walton Fridge Model WFB-2E0-GDSH-XX

Small fridge price 2021

Introducing the stylish and contemporary WFB-2E0-GDSH-XX fridge from Walton. Its floral design and vibrant color are incredibly eye-catching. Packed with multiple features, it's a perfect addition to any modern home.

  • Long-time cooling system 

  • Retains freshness for a long time 

  • Direct Cool Type 

  • Total volume: 250 liters

  • Net volume: 244 liters

Walton WFB-2E0-GDSH-XX Model 250 Liter Fridge Price: Tk 28,700 

4. Price of Walton Fridge Model WFA-2D4-GDXX-XX

Walton Fridge Price 2021

Another great fridge from Walton is the WFA-2D4-GDXX-XX. A very decent fridge for the price and value. Its features are-

  • Elegant color

  • Direct cooling system 

  • R004a Refrigerant

  • Excellent technical specifications 

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Total volume: 244 liters

  • Net volume: 220 liters

Walton WFA-2D4-GDXX-XX Model 244 Liter Fridge Price: Tk 26,950

5. Price of Walton Fridge WFB-2B3-GDEL-XX

Walton Fridge Price ListThe color and flower outlook make this WFB-2B3-GDEL-XX refrigerator very beautiful and attractive. Its amazing features are- 

  • Non-Frost Refrigerator 

  • Made in nanotechnology

  • Extended body 

  • Plenty of space

  • Total volume: 223 liters

  • Net volume: 219 litres

Walton WFB-2B3-GDEL-XX Model 223 Liter Fridge Price:  Tk 26,350 

Walton Small Size Fridge Price

Is it possible to find a good quality and attractive fridge for under 20 thousand? Yes, with Walton, it's possible! If you're searching for a quality and stylish fridge that fits your budget, Walton has you covered. Then check out this list –

1. Walton Fridge Model – WFD-1D4-RXXX-XX

It is difficult to find a person who will not like this refrigerator in elegant maroon color. You are getting this fridge at a nominal price. That too With many special features. 

  • Color variation 

  • Fluent design 

  • Widebody 

  •  Plenty of space 

  • Nanotechnology 

  • Total volume: 157 liters

  • Net volume: 144 litres

Walton WFD-1D4-RXXX-XX Model 157 Liter Fridge Price: Tk 19,340

2. Walton Fridge Model – WFD-1D4-MBXX-XX

We have to introduce you to such a wonderful refrigerator at such a low price. The fridge made with two colors looks very smart and elegant. Along with some special features. They are-

  • Color variation 

  • Two tempered glass doors 

  • Eco friendly 

  • Direct cooling type 

  • Fast cooling speed 

  • Total volume: 157 liters

  • Net volume: 144 litres

Walton WFD-1D4-MBXX-XX Model 157 Liter Fridge Price:  Tk 19,350 

3. Price of Walton Fridge Model WFD-1B6-MBXX-XX

You are bound to appreciate the classy golden color of this fridge. Its look is enough to compliment it. Moreover, more features are –

  • Excellent outlook 

  • Classy color

  • Color customization facility 

  • Fast cooling 

  • Total volume: 157 liters

  • Net volume: 144 litres

Walton WFD-1B6-MBXX-XX Model 157 Liter Fridge Price: Tk 17,990 

4. Price of Walton Fridge WFD-1B6-RDXX-XX

This fridge is unique among Walton's low-budget fridges. The reason is its silver color and outlook. Also getting more benefits –

  • Long-time freshness retention capacity 

  • Fast cooling speed 

  • Nanotechnology 

  • Anti-fungal door gasket

  • Total volume: 132 liters

  • Net volume: 129 liters

Walton WFD-1B6-RDXX-XX Model 132 Liter Fridge Price: Tk 17,990 

5. Price of Walton Fridge WFD-1B6-GDEL-XX

This is a fridge with many color variations It has multiple colors and designs. Along with the amazing benefits –

  • Multiple color variations 

  • Color customized facility 

  • R600a /R134a refrigerant

  • Technical specifications

  • Total volume: 132 liters

  • Net volume: 129 liters

Walton WFD-1B6-GDEL-XX Model 132 Liter Fridge Price:  Tk 19,500

List of Walton Fridges at affordable prices

Starting from Walton 8 ft fridges to 14 ft fridges are available at very affordable prices. That is, there is a very good balance between price and quality.

Here is a list of Walton's budget high-quality (8 CFT to 14 CFT) refrigerators, specifications, and prices:

1. Walton Fridge 8 Safety Price 2023

The Walton 8 safety fridge is the best if you want to buy an affordable Walton fridge for a mess or staying alone at home. You can get a Walton 8 CFT fridge for just ten to fifteen thousand rupees. Know the price and features of a Walton 8 CFT refrigerator-

  • Model – WFO-1A5-RXXX-XX

  •  90 cm long

  •  49 cm wide

  • Elegant gold-silver color.

  • Fastest cooling speed

  • Enriched with Nano Silver Technology

  • Prevents harmful bacteria

  • Prevent bed door

  • Ecological safety

  • Eco-friendly

  • Net volume 115 liters

Walton WFO-1A5-RXXX-XX Model 8 Safety Fridge Price: Rs.14300/-

2. Walton Fridge 9 Safety Price 2023

  • Model- WFD-1D4-RDXX

  •  Able to retain freshness for a long time

  • Fast Cooling Speed ​​Freeze

  • Made with nanotechnology

  • Has anti-fungal door gasket

  • There are multiple color variations

  • Any color-customized facility

  • R600a /R134a type refrigerant

  • Superior technical specifications

  • Maximum ambient temperature present

  • Multiple airflow

Walton WFD-1D4-RDXX Model 9 Safety Fridge Price: 20,050/-

3. Walton fridge 10 safety price

  • Model-WFD-1F3-RDXX

  • Excellent external outlook

  • Classy color variation

  • Color can be customized

  • Equipped with fast cooling technology

  • Eco friendly

  • Antibacterial

  • Wide outer body

  •  Ample interior space

  • Antibacterial gasket system

  • Energy Eff A+

WFD-1F3-RDXX Model Walton Fridge 10 Safety Price: Rs.20990/-

4. Walton Fridge 11 Safety Price 2023

  • Model- WFA-2A3-RXXX-CP

  • Faster Cooling Speed ​​Freeze

  • Retains freshness for a long time

  • R600a type refrigerant

  • There is nanotechnology

  • Made with intelligent inverter technology

  • No frost technology

  • Extended body

  • Led light wall

  • Copper tube

  • Long-term fresh technology

WFA-2A3-RXXX-CP Model Walton Fridge 11 Safety Price 2022: Rs.22990/-

5. Walton Fridge 12 Safety Price 2023

  • Model- WFB-2B3-GDEL

  • Rich in extensive climate design

  • Elegant Color Outside

  • There are smart-looking glass doors

  • R13a / R600 a refrigerant refrigerant

  • Eco friendly

  • Has long adjustable sleeves

  • Fresh, cool technology

  • 2 sets of doors

  • 45% compression rate

  • Glassdoor plate

WFB-2B3-GDEL Model Walton Fridge 12 Safety Price 2022: Rs.26,700/-

6. Walton Fridge 14 Safety Price 2023

Walton 14 CFT is the most attractive fridge. Its features are amazing. And the price matches it too. Know the price and features of Walton 14 CFT Fridge-

  • Model- WFD-1B6-GDEL-XX

  • Direct Cool Type

  • 51 cm wide

  • 132 cm long

  • Fast cooling

  • Magical Nano Silver Technology Refrigerator

  • Anti Fungal Gasket Door

  • Able to prevent harmful bacteria.

  • Two eye-catching colors are pink and blue

  • Bottom mounted fridge

  • Elegant two doors

WFD-1F3-RXXX-XX Model Walton Fridge 14 Safety Price 2022: Rs.19,500/-

Walton Fridge Price List 2024Per Liter

Walton's up to 12 CFT fridges are small size and up to 18 CFT fridges are used for medium and large storage of 20 CFT to 28 CFT fridges. Here we have listed the prices of several refrigerators of 12 CFT, 16 CFT, 18 CFT, 20 CFT, and 28 CFT.

1. 146 Liters – Walton Fridge 16 CFT Price

  • Model- WFD-1F3-RXXX-XX

  • 146-liter capacity fridge

  • 160 cm long

  •  51.20 cm wide

  • Direct Cooling Technology Refrigerator

  • Faster cooling option

  • Antifungal door

  • Environmentally friendly gas

  • Energy saving compress

  • Maximum Freezer Capacity


16 Safety WFD-1F3-RXXX-XX Model Walton Fridge Price: 21100 Tk.

2. 213 Liters – Walton Fridge 18 Safety Price

  • Model- WFB-2B3-GDEL-XX

  • Gross capacity 213 litres.

  • Total weight is 45 kg.

  • Color Variation - Blue and Pink

  • Completely sound/noise-free technology.

  • A fridge is 151 cm long

  • Width total 54.50 cm

  • There is an energy-saving system

  • Ensures healthy food for a long time

  • Made with wide climate design

  • Multi-air flow system

Related:   Walton AC Price 2022 | Walton AC Price in Bangladesh

Walton 18 Safety WFB-2B3-GDEL-XX Model Fridge Price: Rs.25300/-

3. Walton Fridge 20 Safety Price – 348 litres

  • Model- WFC-3D8-GDNE-XX

  • Total capacity is 348 liters.

  • Gross weight 71 kg.

  • A mix of two colors – black and pink.

  • Direct Cool System.

  • Nano Healthcare Benefits

  • Faster cooling technology.

  • Ability to retain food freshness for a long time.

  • Ecological safe fridge

  • Anti-fungal gasket door system.

  • There is a LED light at the top point

Walton 20 Safety WFC-3D8-GDNE-XX Model Fridge Price: Rs.36200/-

4. 380 Liters – Walton Fridge 28 Safety Price

  • Model- WFC-3F5-GDNE-XX

  • 380-liter capacity

  • Two amazing colors – Blue and Pink color variants

  • Intelligent Inverter Technology

  • Evert's Harmful Bacteria

  • Its length is 186 cm.

  • and width 65 cm.

  • Linear Cooling System Technologies

  • Led light inside wall

  • Movable basket door

  • Has easy pull-out tray

Walton 28 Safety WFC-3F5-GDNE-XX Model Fridge Price: Rs.40390/-

Walton Deep Freezer Price List 2024

We've gathered price lists for some of the top refrigerators from the popular domestic electronics company, Walton. These fridges can easily handle a large amount of food and keep it fresh and delicious for an extended period. Additionally, there are several attractive models available for those who prefer colorful and stylish designs. Check Walton Deep Freeze Price List which fridges are there-

1. Walton Deep Freeze Model – WCG-3J0-RXLX-GX

  • Its gross volume is 300 liters

  • Total Eco-Friendly R600a Type Deep Freeze

  • It is a DECS-type deep freeze

  • Made with Direct Cool System Technologies

  • There are modern reversible foaming doors

  • 100% copper condenser fridge

  • Attractive painted steel exterior

  • Made of embossed aluminum material

  • Has a mechanical temperature control system

  • Special sliding glass door

Walton WCG-3J0-RXLX-GX Model Deep Freezer Price: Tk 32,500

2. Walton Deep Freeze Model- WCF-1D5-RRXX-XX

  • Direct cooling system

  • Full Frost is a deep freeze

  • Total volume of 146 liters

  • Manual defrosting type

  • Copper capillary condenser

  • A total of 743 mm is available

  • Elegant red color outlook

  • The total depth is 574 mm

  • The exterior is made of painted steel material

  • This deep freezer is made of environmentally friendly materials

Walton WCF-2T5-RRLX-XX Model Deep Fridge Price: Tk 19,650

3. Walton Deep Freeze Model- WCF-2T5-GDEL-GX

  • Smart looking outlook

  • Ample storage capacity

  • Hughes Insider Space

  • Blast freezing technology

  • Stabilizer Free Freeze

  • LED lighting facility

  • Best Cooling System Technologies

  • There are reciprocal compressors

  •  Compressor warranty benefits

  • A fridge with nanotechnology

Walton WCF-2T5-GDEL-GX Model Deep Freezer Price: tk 27,110

4. Walton Deep Freeze Model – WCF-2T5-GDEL-XX

  • Classy outer design

  • Royal and modern colors

  •  Anti Corrosive Body

  • Low noise compressor

  • Fastest Phaser Indicator

  • Ample storage capacity inside

  • The S~T climate type is a deep freeze

  • What are the benefits of lock and key?

  • Total CFC & ODP Free

  • There is free wire basket

Walton WCF-2T5-GDEL-XX Model Deep Freezer Price: tk 25,900.

5. Walton Deep Freeze Model – WCF-2T5-RRLX-XX

  • Its freezer maintains the proper temperature

  • Energy-saving compressor present

  •  Made of resin plastic material from Korea

  • Suitable for long-term storage

  • Imported quality fittings

  • Has an antifungal door gasket

  • High-temperature control glass door

  • No shock risk benefits

  • Energy-saving refrigerant system

  • 100% Freezer Capacity Guarantee

Walton WCF-2T5-RRLX-XX Model Deep Freezer Price: tk 23,400.

Walton Fridge Installment Purchase Rules

Thinking about the low and middle-income people of the country, the Walton company provides an opportunity to buy Walton fridges in installments. 6-month and 12 months installments can be availed while buying Walton fridge in installments.

25% of the total price of the fridge is required to be paid first to buy Walton fridge in 6-month installments. On the other hand, 8-12% down payment is required for buying in 12 month installments.

Warning! If you buy a fridge in installments, you have to pay some interest, which is completely haram. So, try to buy a fridge without paying any interest.

However, if you have a credit card, you will get the opportunity to buy a fridge in interest-free installments up to 6 months.

Walton Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh All Models 

Walton Refrigerator all ModelsBDT Price List
Model: W2D 2D428,600 Taka
Model: W500 1D021,500 Taka
Model: W2D 1H529,500 Taka
Model W500-AF323,500 Tk.
Model W2D-A9024,800 Tk.
Model W3D-2AO26,200 Tk.
Model WFF-2A3PN27,900 Tk.
Model WCO-M1228,600 Tk.
Model NO: W3D 2D128,800 Tk.
Model:W2D 3F5PN

40,600 Tk.
Model No: W2D 2GC33,200 Tk.
Model NW3G539,900 Tk.
Model W2D-3A7N30,390 Tk.
Model WN-BG5 N/F35,900 Tk.
Model: WFF 2A330,700 Tk.
Model D-1F020,900 Tk.
Walton Refrigerator NW 3H042,500 Tk.
Walton Refrigerator NW2A031,800 Tk.
Walton Refrigerator NW3G539,900 Tk.
Model NW670-3I639,900 Tk.
Walton Refrigerator S 1F624,700 Tk.
Walton Refrigerator W2D 2B027,700 Tk.
Walton Refrigerator W2d 3F541,500 Tk.
Model W2D-2B025,500 Tk.
Walton Refrigerator W2D-2B627,850 Tk.
Model W2D-2D424,500 Tk.
Model W2D-2E429,990 Tk.
Model W2D-2X127,100 Tk.
Model W2D-3A729,800 Tk.
Model W2D-3D830,300 Tk.
Model W500-1B618,300 Tk.
Model W500-1D0C20,350 Tk.
Model W500-4DMB21,100 Tk.
Model W500-4DRD20,900 Tk.
Model W585-2H225,600 Tk.
Model W585-2N528,700 Tk.
Model W585-3B0CR30,200 Tk.
Model WFA-1F5-0101-RXXX-RP17,250 Tk.
Model WFA-1F5-0201-RXXX-RP17,250 Tk.
Model WFA-2A3-0103-RXXX-RP23,100 Tk.
Model WFA-2A3-0201-CDBX-XX22,950 Tk.
Model WFA-2A3-0201-CDLX-XX22,950 Tk.
Model WFA-2A3-0201-RXXX-CP22,950 Tk.
Model WFA-2A3-0201-RXXX-XX22,950 Tk.
Model WFA-2A3-0301-RXXX-RP23,100 Tk.
Model WFA-2D4-0301-CDBX-XX24,200 Tk.
Model WFC-3A7-0101-RXXX27,650 Tk.
Model WFC-3A7-0201-NEXX-XX28,900 Tk.
Model WFC-3A7-0201-NXXX28,600 Tk.
Model WFC-3A7-0201-RXXX27,200 Tk.
Model WFC-3D8-0101-GDXX-XX33,900 Tk.
Model WFC-3D8-0101-NEXX-XX31,900 Tk.
Model WFC-3D8-0101-RXXX-XX30,550 Tk.
Model WFC-3F5-0401-RXXX-XX31,500 Tk.
Model WFE-2H2-0101-CRXX-XX25,090 Tk.
Model WFE-2H2-0101-RXXX-XX24,700 Tk.
Model WFE-2H2-0102-CRXX-XX25,090 Tk.
Model WFE-2N5-0101-CRXX-XX26,500 Tk.
Model WFE-2N5-0101-RXXX-XX26,100 Tk.
Model WFE-3A2-0101-CRXX-XX27,350 Tk.
Model WFE-3B0-0301-CRXX-XX28,900 Tk.
Model WFE-3B0-0301-RXXX-XX28,450 Tk.
Model WFE-3B0-0302-CRXX-XX28,900 Tk.
Model WFE-3B0-0302-RXXX-XX28,450 Tk.
Model WFE-3E8-0101-CRXX-XX32,550 Tk.
Model WFF-2A324,590 Tk.
Model WFI-5B5-0101-RXXX-XX57,900 Tk.
Model WFO-1A5-0101-RXXX-XX14,400 Tk.
Model WFO-1X1-0101-RXXX-XX13,400 Tk.
Model WFO-JET-0101-RXXX-XX11,400 Tk.
Model WNC-3B3-0201-NXXX-XX36,600 Tk.
Model WNC-3B3-0401-NXXX-XX39,600 Tk.
Model WNH-2A8-010125,900 Tk.
Model WNH-3H6-010140,900 Tk.
Model WNH-3H6-0101-RXXX-XX40,900 Tk.
Model WNH-4C0-0102-HDXX-XX52,900 Tk.
Model WNH-4C0-0102-RXXX-XX50,900 Tk.
Model WNH-4F7-0101-RXXX-XX52,900 Tk.
Model WNJ-5A2-0101-RXXX-XX52,500 Tk.
Model WNJ-5A2-0102-RXXX-XX52,500 Tk.
Model WNJ-5B6-0101-RXXX-XX58,900 Tk.
Model WNJ-5B6-0102-KPXX-XX60,900 Tk.
Model WNJ-5B6-0102-RXXX-XX58,900 Tk.
Model WNJ-5E5-010154,900 Tk.
Model WNJ-5E5-0101-RXXX-XX55,900 Tk.
Model WNJ-5H5-010157,900 Tk.
Model WNJ-5H5-0101-RXXX-XX59,100 Tk.
Model WNK-3H8-0101-RXXX-XX40,900 Tk.
Model WNK-3N6-0101-CDXX-XX41,900 Tk.
Model WNL-5B0-010154,900 Tk.
Model WNL-5C6-0101-RXXX-XX59,900 Tk.
Model WNL-5G5-0101-CDBX-XX58,100 Tk.
Model WNM-1N5-0101-RXXX-RP29,500 Tk.
Model WNM-2A7-0101-RXXX-RP30,500 Tk.
Model WNM-2G5-0101-RXXX-XX33,500 Tk.
Model WS-1F516,500 Tk.
Model WT700-4C049,900 Tk.
Model WT730-5A252,500 Tk.
Model WT730-5B658,900 Tk.
Model W500-1B6-RD17,200 Tk.
Model W500-4DRDC20,400 Tk.
Walton Refrigerators W500-AF3 (RD)22,500 Tk.
Model WFB-2A8-010125,900 Tk.
Model WFB-2E4-0201-CDBX-XX28,200 Tk.
Model WFB-2X1-0201-RXXX-RP25,600 Tk.
Model WFD-1B6-0201-RDXX-XX17,200 Tk.
Model WFD-1B6-0201-RXXX-XX17,200 Tk.
Model WFD-1F3-0201-RDXX-XX22,500 Tk.
Model WFE-2H2-0101-CRXX25,600 Tk.
Model WNL-5G5-010156,900 Tk.
Model W2D-2B6PN32,900 Tk.
Model W2D-2B631,900 Tk.
Model NW-2G636,900 Tk.
Model WSS-4H569,900 Tk.

What it takes to buy a fridge in installments:

  • 2 copies of recent passport size photograph

  • Photocopy of Voter ID Card

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